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Where is my archive?

Archive that was stored in the central archive system

Previously we had a separate archive system and old mail was automatically moved into this and made available to you from a search facility within your email mailbox.

As part of the migration of email accounts in 2011/12, all data in the archive system was un-archived back to the email mailboxes before your account was migrated. All messages from the archive system have been restored to the folders in which they were originally filed (Inbox; Sent Items, or a personal folder you created). Therefore you do not need to retrieve any previously archived emails; they are directly available from your current email folders.

Each mailbox underwent several passes through the un-archiving process to ensure completeness. However if in the unlikely event you still have an email which is truncated and ends with “This is a message that has been archived, click the following link to retrieve it” unfortunately this means there was some issue with the email and it could not be un-archived. The contents of this email are unrecoverable as the central archive and retrieval system is no longer in service.

Archive that was stored in an Outlook archive file

If you archived emails using Outlook, then Outlook will have created a file (a .pst file) locally on your computer.

If you had to create a new Outlook profile and have lost access to the .pst file and cannot remember where you saved it (and/or its name) then we suggest you do a file search across your C:\ and H:\ drives on your computer for "*.pst" which will search for all .pst files.

It is not recommended that you create .pst files, however if you need to do so, we strongly recommend you keep a backup of that file.