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Email bounce backs

If you get bounce backs for messages that have

“To: IMCEAEX-_o=First+20Organization_ou=First+20Administrative+20Group_cn=Recipients_cn=..” in the body.

This may be caused by stale/incorrect cached entries for the person you are mailing.

Remove the auto-complete entry

1. Open a new email and start entering their name as you normally would, if it attempts to auto complete click the x at the end of the entry and then select from the address book.

Auto complete example

2. If they don’t appear in the Offline Address Book it may be because you are not looking at the most up to date version. Try downloading the Offline Address Book (instructions below).

Downloading the Offline Address Book

1. Click on the Send/Receive tab – open the Send/Receive Groups – select Download Address Book (see screenshot below).

Download Address Book

2. Un-tick the Download changes since last Send/Receive.

Un-tick download changes

3. Click OK.

4. The address book will now download which could take a few minutes.

5. You will then be able to select from the Address Book and a new Auto-complete entry can be created.