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How can I manage my mailbox to keep within the quota?

Managing your Outlook mailbox

If you are using the Outlook full client, you can check the size of your mailbox by following these instructions:

File > Mailbox Cleanup - there is a graphic to show how much of your quota is used.

Please note: that messages in your Deleted Items folder, Junk E-mail folder, Sent Items folder and all your cabinet folders count towards your quota.

To reduce the size of your mailbox you can:

  • Delete any mail you do not need to keep, including Sent Items. Get into the habit of doing this on an ongoing basis so it does not become a major task. Focus on the largest messages first.
  • Empty your Deleted Items folder (messages in your Deleted Items folder will be automatically deleted as per the default retention policy - this is currently 6 months).
  • If you use the full Outlook client, you can save the attachments elsewhere (e.g. your home directory on your H: drive) and then delete them from the message, leaving the message in your mailbox (with a note showing where you stored the attachment if you wish). Follow the instructions below to do this:

1. Open the message with an attachment and right-click over the attachment itself for a menu of additional options. Use the "Save As" option to save your attachment to wherever you wish, then return to the message and select from the same menu "Remove".

2. Right-click in the body of the message, select "Edit Message" and then add your text with the details of where your attachment has been saved to.

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