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How do I create/import a pst file?

Outlook Data Files – Creating A PST

1. Outlook 2010: go to File menu and click on Options>Advanced>Export (Export includes Export and Import)

2. To Export, select Export to a File, Next, Personal Folder File (.pst), Next,

3. A browser window appears listing your email folders (click on any + signs to expand the list).

4. Highlight a folder and click the browse button so that you can select where you want the pst file to be stored.

5. You have the option to password protect the file at this stage if wished.

Viewing the .pst file

If you don’t wish to import the files but wish to view the emails, you can just link to them from the media they are saved on (although it is probably best to copy them to your hard drive rather than only have them on a memory stick)**. It is unwise to store the .pst file on the H: drive as there have been occasions when the file has become corrupt:

1. In Outlook client, file menu, Data file management, click Add.

2. Browse to where you saved the .PST file then select it.

3. The Personal folder should then show at the foot of the list of folders on the left of the screen.

WARNING: If you delete emails within Outlook, they will also delete from the original pst file.

Importing the .pst file

The file can also be imported into Outlook, e.g. if someone has changed departments and therefore has a new account.

1. To Import, log into your new Outlook account (you need to log on to the computer with the new username, the access Outlook client (not webmail)).

2. Go to File, Import/Export, Import from another program, select Personal Folder File (.pst)

3. Browse to your saved .pst file and select it. If you want it to create the same location in the new email account then just allow it to go to the same location.

INFO: If you delete emails within Outlook, they will not be deleted from the original pst file.