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How do I change a resource account password?

Forgotten password?

If you can’t log into the resource either because of a forgotten password or due to the change to Office 365 and you are the primary or secondary owner / manager of the resource, then you can request a password reset clicking on the Resource Account Requests

Tick the check box “Change the password” on a resource account and click next.

The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

Know the current password and wish to change it?

If you know the password and just want to change it you can use the same mechanism as changing a normal username’s password by signing out of the intranet fully and then visiting entering the alias of the resource account (normally the first part of the email address) and its current password and completing the change password process.

There is another way of changing the resources password if you know it and you have a IT Services managed Windows 7 computer. Press CTRL-ALT-Delete together and select 'change a password'. You should see your own username automatically entered, please change this to the resource alias in the following format - ads\resourcealias (e.g. ads\conference) and the rest is self-explanatory.