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How to set up an Outlook profile for a resource account

(All screenshots can be clicked on for a larger view.)

The instructions below are for people who wish to use the Outlook client and have been given access to a resource account via the Full access method. If you have been given delegate access to a resource account then see how delegates access a resource account.

Click Start – Click control panel

Control panel

Type mail in the top right, and click on Mail (32-bit)


Click “Show Profiles”

show profiles

Select Prompt for a profile to be used so you are provided with an option for mailbox access before loading outlook. (Please note you can only open one Outlook mailbox profile at a time.) It may be useful here to close and reopen Outlook before continuing and selecting New Profile


Choose a name for the new profile.

name new profile

Enter the name and email address of the resource account, leaving the password fields blank, click Next.

profile details


You will then be asked for further credentials. Enter your own and password into these fields. Click OK.

enter your details

Click Finish.


You can now open Outlook and choose the new profile to open the resource account.