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How do I setup a signature?

Adding a Signature to a Message

With Outlook you are able to create “signatures” with your details (name, department, contact telephone numbers, email address, etc.) that you can add to each email you send.

You can:

  • Create as many signatures as you require (formal, personal, etc.) using the Outlook client, although only one can be created with Outlook Web App (OWA).
  • Decide whether to select one particular signature to appear automatically at the bottom of all new/replies/forwarded messages.
  • Decide that you want to create signatures but that no signature should appear automatically on a new message and/or replies and forwards.

Follow the relevant links below for instructions on how to create a signature:

Please note: If you use both the Outlook client and the Outlook Web App, you will find that signature(s) created in one application will not be visible or usable in the other. Therefore if you want a signature to appear on all emails whether you use the Outlook client or the Outlook Web App, then you will have to set it in both applications.