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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite of applications made available through Microsoft, this includes Email, as well as SharePoint, OneDrive and many more.

For more details about the Office 365 features see the Microsoft's web site.

Access to Office 365 is available either through a desktop client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or through a web browser.

Email is stored at Microsoft's Data Centre in Dublin, with a copy also held in Amsterdam. It is important to us for legal reasons that email data is held within the EU rather than the US or elsewhere in the world.

The University of Warwick retains ownership of the data. Our agreement with Microsoft is very clear that data held within this system is classed as Organisational Data and as such is the property of the University, not Microsoft; they acquire no rights to do anything at all with the email they store other than to hold it on our behalf; they do not scan the contents of messages (except for virus and spam filtering) or otherwise utilise the data in any way.