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Network Services

Campus network

Wired - the wired campus network provides access to the Internet and connectivity for University IT systems.

Wireless - the wireless services provide access to the Internet from most locations across campus.

VPN - when you are away from campus, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provides a secure connection to the campus network from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

link-icon-16.png How to connect to the campus network from another location using VPN

Network FAQs

ResNet is the University's network for residents in campus accommodation.
link-icon-16.png More about connecting to ResNet

You can use the wireless network to connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet.
link-icon-16.png How do I connect to the wireless network at Warwick?

There are many wireless hotspots across campus that reside in student residences, the Learning Grids and conference centres.
link-icon-16.png Where can I connect to the wireless network?

Network technical services

If you need to understand more technical detail about the network facilities available and their operation, visit the following pages:

link-icon-16.png Campus network facilities

link-icon-16.png Network firewalls

link-icon-16.png IP address management, and DHCP and DNS services

link-icon-16.png Traffic shaping

link-icon-16.png Network switch loan

All network faults should be reported to the IT Services Help Desk

Service strategy

We aim to provide a reliable, high-speed, secure and accessible network, suitable for supporting the University's business. We achieve this through resilient design, open standards (where possible) and close working with the ITS Security team.