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News - Network Printing Service

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Mobile Print Update - Printing Services (26/05/2020 and 28/05/2020)

Migration from legacy SafeCom Mobile Print Servers to newly commissioned versions

When are we getting underway and when will we complete this activity?

Starts: 26/05/2020 10:00:00 (HP Mobile Print)

Ends: 26/05/2020 12:00:00 (HP Mobile Print)

Starts: 28/05/2020 10:00:00 (Kyocera Mobile Print)

Ends: 28/05/2020 10:00:00 (Kyocera Mobile Print)

Further details...

Tue 19 May 2020, 14:19 | Tags: Mobile Print Service, Managed Print Service

Server Upgrades - Printing Services (06/05/2020)

Migration from legacy SafeCom servers to newly commissioned versions

When are we getting underway and when will we be complete?

Starts: 06/05/2020 @07:00:00

Ends: 06/05/2020 @12:30:00

Further details...

Mon 04 May 2020, 14:14

Student Printing Facilities - Now available within the University House Atrium - 03/04/2020

In response to customer queries and demands, two Student Printing colour Kyocera A4/A3 MFDs have been located in the University House Atrium and made available for immediate use.

This building requires your valid University ID card to be scanned at the front door to gain access.

Please follow all relevant government guidelines and advice in relation to social distancing and hand washing when using this facility.

Any issues?

Please report them to the ITS Helpdesk in the usual way

Fri 03 Apr 2020, 15:59 | Tags: Scan to folder, Printer Credits, Student Printing

Server Upgrades - Printing Services (01/02/2020)

Migration from legacy SafeCom servers to newly commissioned versions

When are we getting underway and when will we be complete?

Starts: 01/02/2020 @08:00:00

Ends: 01/02/2020 @12:00:00

Further details...

Thu 23 Jan 2020, 18:31 | Tags: Managed Print Service

CLA - Collection of Royalties Data - Collection Period: Monday 13th January to Friday 21st February

Higher Education - Collection of Royalties Data

The University of Warwick wishes to notify you of a collection of royalty data, conducted by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) for thirty working days from Monday 13th January to Friday 21st February.

This exercise pertains to the use of published material which is being photocopied or re-used in our institution under the terms of our copyright licence. Your co-operation and compliance with all elements is requested in order to fully assist CLA with their royalty distributions.

NB. Please note that not all departments and colleagues will be involved in this exercise. Your department will be contacted explicitly if your support is needed.

The latest list of locations and departments are now available.

For further details of this upcoming activity...

All departments should also ensure that they display the latest version (2019-2022) of the CLA Notice in the locale of the device.

Fri 06 Dec 2019, 10:58 | Tags: Managed Print Service, CLA

Update of installed Kyocera printer drivers - 18th December 2019

Following customer feedback and internal testing activities we will update the Kyocera printer driver currently in use across all ITS print servers apart from Lampard, Beckham, Paltrow and Penn.

This will provide for the return of the Quick Print "Printer Profiles", will enhance the support for device fonts and provide a broad spectrum of bug fixes.

No customer action or disruption to service is expected. Any customers with concerns or questions should contact the ITS Helpdesk via the usual support channels.

For further details of the change...

Wednesday 28th July 2019 - Printing Service Outage (Evening)

On Wednesday 28th July 2019 there will be no access to printing and photocopying services provided by IT Services from 6.30PM till 9.30PM as major server upgrade work is carried out during the evening.

This includes all Staff & Student pull and push printing, including that within the Linux Managed desktop, MobilePrint, Airprint, Mail2Me (Scan to Email), Copy (including Library Visitor Cards), the webpage, SafeCom Saveometer and Autostore (Scan to Folder) and the processing of Printer Credits will also be offline.

Please note that the ITS provided CUPS will be unaffected by these planned works and will remain available for the duration of this change.

For further details of the change...

Managed Desktop Pull Print Queue Migrations - Wednesday 11th September 2019

IT Services will be automatically migrating all Managed Windows 7 and Managed Windows 10 computers from the legacy Kyocera\HP on Triton or Rycon Pull Print queues onto newer, more modern and supportable servers Hanks and Stone.

For further details of this change...

Staff Pull Print Queue Retirements - Wednesday 18th September 2019

On Wednesday 18th September at 10AM we are deleting all of the old staff Pull Print queues (printers where you currently need to swipe your University ID Card to print) and retiring the servers that host them. (Triton and Rycon)

Please ensure that you have moved across to the new print queues in advance of this date if you wish to print from your own personal devices.

For further details of the change and guidance on how to install the new queues on your personal devices...

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