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Student Printing Facilities - 2016 Refresh

As a part of our drive for Continued Service Improvement ITS has invested heavily this summer in a wide range of hardware and software improvements within the Student Print Estate.

We hope you find the improvements of value and contribute to an improved service.

Campus Print Review 2015

What are we doing?

We're reviewing our print, copy, scan and fax infrastructure to make it more efficient.

We did this before in 2011. 2015's audit will mirror the work we did in 2011, helping us to gauge the progress our Managed Print Service has made.

When will this audit happen?
NewField IT staff are expected on site from Monday 7 December 2015 to Friday 18 December 2015. The audit will resume on Monday 4 January 2016, and we expect it to take another 2 to 3 weeks.

Further details...

New printer credits system released!

The new system makes it quicker and easier to check your printer credit balance, and looks a lot prettier too.

For more details or to try it out yourself.

Student Printing Facilities - Expanded

IT Services have been working hard over the summer to update, refresh and expand our Student Printing Facilities. To that goal the following areas have had or are in the process of having our Multi Function Devices/Printers deployed within them.

  • Bluebell 1 Student Residence, Laundrette, Gnd Floor (Main Campus) Coming - Nov. 2015
  • Bluebell 3 Student Residence, Laundrette, Gnd Floor (Main Campus) Coming - Nov. 2015
  • Claycroft 3 Student Residence, Laundrette, Gnd Floor (Main Campus) Coming - Nov. 2015
  • Cryfield 2 Student Residence, Laundrette, Gnd Floor (Main Campus) Coming - Nov. 2015
  • Engineering, F210, F211, F215 and A407, 2nd and 4th Floors (Main Campus)
  • WBS, Undergraduate Workroom (Main Campus)
  • Statistics Building, Room C1.14, 1st Floor (Main Campus)

For further details...

Trial of 90 gsm paper within the Library MFDs

IT Services are in the process of trialing a new type of heavier weight paper within the Student Print Estate.

This will be focussed upon the devices located within the main Library building (all floors and including rooms 039 and 041) and is expected to come into effect from 12PM Friday 15th May.

The purpose of this trial is to asses whether the newer paper can offer a lower jam rate, higher quality of reproduction, reduced staff support overhead, balanced against an improved ability to deal with high coverage duplex mono and colour prints.

The new paper is also considerably whiter than the current choice that has been used previously.

The Library has been chosen due to it being a very high volume location with high footfall and a significant local support presence.

If this exercise is considered to be a success we will asses the operational benefits and economic implication of a longer term switch to this type of paper.

No rise in cost to our customers will occur.

As ever if you have any feedback please do feel free to send it through to the ITS Helpdesk.


Managed Print Service - 2 million sheets of paper saved!

The Managed Print Service is very pleased to announce that we have now saved over 2 million sheets of paper since the inception of the Pull Print service in 2012.

Visit our save o meter for more details....


Managed Print Service receives the Simplify Team Award at the 2015 CCSG Awards Evening

The Managed Print Service is delighted to announce that it has received the "Simplify Team Award" at the 2015 CCSG Awards Evening on the 8th May. Our sincere thanks to every member of the team now and over the last 5 years and to all of our colleagues within ITS, warwickprint and Purchasing for their tireless hard work and support.

We would also like to thank all of our staff, student, alumni and visitor customers and look forward to continuing to develop and improve the service that we offer to each and every one of you.


CCSG and Estates Awards Evening 2015

The Managed Print Service has once again been shortlisted for the annual CCSG and Estates Awards Evening 2015

We will find out if we walk away with the top prize in the Simplify Team category on Friday 8th May

Fri 17 April 2015, 16:36 | Tags: CCSG Awards, Managed Print Service

Printing in the Student Residences - Under Investigation

Following consulation with the SU and Warwick Accomodation a feasibility study is now underway to look into the possibility of deploying a number of 2nd generation MFDs into the Student Residences laundries, common rooms and entrances.

This is to supplement, the exisiting devices within Heronbank and Lakeside and will attempt to provide a more local and accessible solution to our customers in the chosen residences.

All MFDs will be colour, A3, duplex capable with Printing, Scan to E-mail and Scan to Folder built in.

Wireless network facilities are expected to be available within the area to aid accessibility and the support of un-managed and mobile devices.

Check back regularly for more details, we will keep you updated with any information as soon as it come available.

Save O Meter - Now Live!

A live real-time copy of the SafeCom Save-O-Meter is now available! (N.B. You must be on a campus network to view this page)

This provides a graphical representation of the work that we have carried out to-date, giving you an overview of the progress that is being made to improve both the overall efficiency and financial/environmental credentials of print within the MPS.

A more detailed breakdown of all of the Service Metrics /SLT's for the Printing Services team is also available.

Click on the image below for the real-time information.

high res

This tool can be used to provide a direct like for like comparision with our colleagues in the HE sector.

For example the following institutions also utilise the SafeCom Print Management solution.

  • Cranfield
  • Aberdeen
  • Brunel
  • Imperial College London
  • Manchester
  • UCL
  • MMU
  • Leeds Beckett
  • Leeds Metropolitian University
  • Newcastle University
  • University of Lincoln
  • York
  • St Andrews

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