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What is the difference between Files.Warwick and MyFiles?

Files.Warwick and MyFiles are both tools you can use to store your files and access them via a web browser. The difference is in how other people can access these files.

MyFiles is used to access your personal file storage (H drive) and departmental shared folders (M drive) on the University network via a web browser, Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Files.Warwick is used to share files with other people at Warwick and externally via a web browser:

  1. You upload a file to Files.Warwick.
  2. You send a download link invitation.
  3. The recipients download the file from the link.

This is particularly useful when you need to share a file that is greater than the University's 10 MB limit for email attachments.

You can also share sections of your Files.Warwick file space with others, so they can view your files and upload their own.

Finally, Files.Warwick and MyFiles do not share the same storage space. Files you upload to Files.Warwick do not appear in MyFiles (or H Drive) and vice versa.

⚠ Files.Warwick is no longer being updated.

We recommend using one of the below alternatives.