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What is the difference between sending and sharing files?

In Files.Warwick:

  • Sending means inviting people to view or download particular files. The download link in the email invitation expires after seven days, but recipients who have their own Files.Warwick file space can still access the file.
  • Sharing means giving people permission to share your file space.

This table shows the differences in the features available to you when sending or sharing:

Feature Send Share
Permission levels for recipients to download files

Any Warwick member, including external usercodes

A web group

Any email address, including external

Anyone, even if they are not signed in

Any Warwick member, including external usercodes

A web group

Any staff member

Any student

Email notification to recipients contains a link to download files Yes Yes
Add your own custom message to recipients Yes No
Download link expires after seven days Yes No
Generate a shareable URL to download files No Yes
Receive email notification when recipients download files Yes No
Allow recipients to view and download files Yes Yes
Allow recipients to replace, edit or delete files No Yes
Allow recipients to manage permissions for files No Yes

⚠ Files.Warwick is no longer being updated.

We recommend using one of the below alternatives.