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Sitebuilder 2.301 - Wednesday 11th June 2014

Sitebuilder 2.301 was released on Wednesday 11th June 2014. Highlights from this release include:

Searching Sitebuilder forums

It's now possible to search any forum in Sitebuilder by using the search box in the top right while viewing the forum.

General improvements and fixes

  • We've improved the look of the map popup
  • A bug that caused problems with slideshow tags in IE has been fixed
  • Previewing a filtered dataset no longer throws an error
  • Some bugs with the raw editor have been fixed


  • [SBTWO-6763] - MonoSlideshow 3 and IE
  • [SBTWO-6764] - MSS3 slideshow that starts hidden is malformed
  • [SBTWO-6774] - Error when previewing filtered dataset
  • [SBTWO-6777] - New raw editor doesn't take full height in some circumstances
  • [SBTWO-6780] - Copying 'current site only' still checks length of other sub-page URLs
  • [SBTWO-6785] - Videos break out of the page on Mac
  • [SBTWO-6787] - Code colouring in Sitebuilder editor gone
  • [SBTWO-6790] - Spans in the site title are repeated in smallscreen navigaition
  • [SBTWO-6791] - Video window stretched on iPad
  • [SBTWO-6797] - Editing submission: date picker is mispositioned


  • [SBTWO-6801] - Align sched-news item titles to the right of thumbnail image
  • [SBTWO-6803] - Map popup: use "lite" rendition

New Feature


  • [SBTWO-6799] - Remove "Embedded forum" as a page type