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Sitebuilder 2.302 - Wednesday 18th June 2014

Sitebuilder 2.302 was released on Wednesday 18th June 2014. Highlights from this release include:

General improvements and fixes

  • We've fixed a problem where forum pages sometimes didn't show edits immediately
  • Problems with slideshows in IE have been fixed
  • Some problems with videos in certain browsers have been fixed
  • Copying news pages now also copies news item thumbnails
  • We've fixed a bug where users on the University's residential network were treated incorrectly in stats


  • [SBTWO-6634] - Editing a forum topic's properties (e.g. unpinning, locking) doesn't cache-bust page
  • [SBTWO-6763] - MonoSlideshow 3 and IE
  • [SBTWO-6770] - Purged forum post only disappears after hard refresh
  • [SBTWO-6807] - HTML5 videos have large white space above and below
  • [SBTWO-6810] - Copying News pages does not copy news item images
  • [SBTWO-6814] - Far too many attribute lookup requests
  • [SBTWO-6818] - Unexpected semi-colon in function calcVideoWidth()


  • [SBTWO-6812] - Investigate localhost hits in hitlogs