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Checks before scanning under the CLA licence

The answer must Yes to the checks below before an extract can be scanned under our CLA licence.

Question 1: Is scanning permitted after checking the CLA Check Permissions database for UK & US publications or the International Territories list for other countries?
If answer is No: we cannot scan, but you may seek to find an alternative.
If answer is Yes: continue to question 2.
Question 2: Is it available in electronic format (check the Library Catalogue), and is it not on the list of Participating Digital Material Publishers?
If answer is Yes: we cannot scan, because we already have access to an electronic version, but are not permitted by the publisher to upload the digital version to the Course Extracts pages as well.
If answer is No: continue to question 3.
Question 3: Is it no more than 1 chapter, 1 article or 10% from the same book or journal issue for this module?
If answer is No: we cannot scan, since these are the licensed extent limits to scanning from one same publication for the same module.
If answer is Yes: then we should be able to scan the article or chapter you require.