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We are all here to help you. The best way to ask us a question is to email* us at: Library at warwick dot ac dot uk. Alternatively choose one of our specialist teams, listed below, to help you.


The Helpdesk is staffed Mon-Sun from 08:30-21:30 and is located by the entrance of the Library.

  • We can help with questions about your Library Account, paying a fine; borrowing and renewing items; reserving an item (placing a hold) and much more
  • Get it For Me items are collected from the Helpdesk
  • We can help you find items in Library Search the Library’s discovery catalogue
  • If you lose an item in the Library, Helpdesk staff may be able to help you locate it
  • The Library currently has over 1,000 external members and they were all registered by Helpdesk staff!

You can contact the Helpdesk by:

Envelope  library at warwick dot ac dot uk

Telephone  024 765 22026 to speak to a member of staff or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Facilities Supervisors

Supervisors patrol study areas ensuring that people are adhering to the rules and regulations. Look out for them in black t-shirts.

They also:

  • Help ensure that Health and Safety policies and guidelines are being followed
  • That everybody is given an equal chance to study in an environment that is conducive to learning and research
  • Staff the Library outside normal staffed hours during the evenings and weekends
  • Inform customers about Library policy so that Library customers know what is expected of them

Supervisors are in place to help you!

  • If you feel that you are being disturbed please find a Facilities Supervisor
  • Please report the problem at the time it is happening – we can help you more quickly if you do
  • You can contact a Steward by text on 07788 351382

Please note: during unstaffed periods Library staff will not be available, therefore Supervisors patrol the Library to ensure a pleasant working environment for all customers. However, they may not be able to answer enquiries about the Library stock and services.

 Further help

Contact your Academic Support Librarian for subject support including help finding information for your assignments and research.


We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please visit feedback if you have anything to contribute.

Quick links

New to Warwick? See our Get Started guide to make the most of your Library.

Online enquiry channels

  • General Library enquiries:  library at warwick dot ac dot uk 
  • Academic Services:  academicsupport at warwick dot ac dot uk 
  • Modern Record Centre:  archives at warwick dot ac dot uk 
  • WRAP publications: publications at warwick dot ac dot uk

Need help out of hours? Use our 'Ask a Librarian' service

Video Library

If you are new to the Library, this playlist of 'using your Library' videos, including accessible transcripts and PDF guides which will help you find your way around.

 Accessible video transcripts

1. These are the self-issue machines.

2. To issue a book, click 'Borrow' and then wave your card over the card sensor to log in.

3.Next, place the book you want to take out onto the sensor shelf in the middle and click ‘Done’ when you've put all the books you want on.

4.Remember to take your receipt as proof that you've taken out the book. It will also contain a due date. You can also use these machines to renew your books and check your account.

1. These are the books returns machines.

2. To return a book, click 'Return' on the screen, place the book under the green light and wait for it to be processed. .

3.Then it will return your book and you'll be able to see the book pop up on the screen. Then click 'Quit'.

4.Always make sure to take your receipt as proof that you have returned it.

1. Access ‘My Library Account’ from the Library homepage.

2. Log in using your university number and password. Then click ‘Submit’.

3. The ‘My Library Account’ homepage displays all current items on loan.

4. You can select individual items by selecting the corresponding box and ‘Renew marked’.

5. Alternatively you can select ‘Renew All’ to renew all books.

6.Once you have selected ‘Renew All’ or ‘Renew Marked’, this screen will appear. You must cick ‘yes’ to complete the renewal of your items.

7. If a book has successfully renewed a new due date will appear under the ‘Status’ of the book.If a book has been recalled (and therefore cannot be renewed) this will also be displayed here.

8.If a book has been recalled it must be returned by its due date otherwise you may incur a fine. Check carefully to ensure that all your books have been successfully renewed.

If you require any further assistance please contact Customer Support either in person at the Helpdesk within the main Library, by telephone or email. Please check for up to date Helpdesk opening hours (under the Helpdesk column above).

1. From the Library homepage, click on Using the Library and then Accessibility.

2. This will take you to a list of services and technologies available to customers with disabilities or learning differences. Click on Accessible study rooms.

3. Select the room you want to book and click on ‘Book here’.

4. Enter your university ID (u + student number) and password.

5. Select ‘room types’ a dropdown menu will display which rooms you are eligible to book.

6. Please select a specific date and press continue.

7. For room details click the information symbol at the top of the booking table. Individually select each slot and click confirm.

8. Confirmation will be displayed. Booking details will also be sent to your ‘Warwick’ email. Please note that no PIN number will be approved as you only need your University ID card to enter the room.

9. If you wish to book the room for that day you can also book the rooms via the units which are outside each door. Just press the ‘Book availability’ button on the touch screen.

The door unit will show available slots in green, highlight by using the touch screen. Once you have made your selection, please scan your student card on the reader located underneath the timetable to confirm. If the room is available and you have booked the current slot, you will be able to scan your card and enter the room.

To enter the room after making an advance booking, please scan your University ID card on the card reader. The door lock will then release and you will be able to enter the room.

If you require any assistance please speak to a member of staff.

*Email privacy statement

We will use your contact details to respond to your question. We will keep a record of your question and our response, but we will not use this for anything other than to improve services. We will use enquiry information, which does not identify individuals, to analyse trends and improve customers' experiences.

 University of Warwick website full terms and conditions.