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Try Warwick Library Proxy for iPad or iPhone

To add the Try Warwick Library Proxy bookmarklet to your iPad, iPod or iPhone please use the following instructions:

  1. Use your device's copy function to copy this text (Version 3.0 released on November 22, 2018):
    • javascript:javascript:(function(){var l=window.location,path=l.pathname,;if(!/{if(l.protocol==='https:'){host=host.replace(/\./g,'-')}l.href=l.protocol+'//0-'+host+''}})();
  2. Bookmark this page. The bookmark will be named 'Try Warwick Library Proxy for iPad or iPhone' but you can change this to something shorter if you wish.

  3. Go to your device's Bookmarks section and tap the 'Edit' button. Then select the bookmark you have just created and tap the URL field. This should currently be displaying the following link:

  4. Delete this link from the field and paste in the text that you copied in step 1 above.

  5. Now, whenever you use your device to access an e-resource that the Library subscribes to without previously logging in just tap the bookmarklet that you have installed and you will be redirected through the proxy server. Remember that this tool will only work for e-resources that the Library subscribes to and which are available using the proxy server. If you are unable to get access to an article using this tool you should check Library Search or the Library Catalogue to see if you can obtain the article from a different provider.

  6. We are still developing this tool, so please contact us if you experience any problems. Please give details of the e-resource you are unable to access including the URL after reloading the page.