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Social media

Connect with us

Our social media accounts help us keep in touch with our students, alumni and partners, as well as to promote some of the exciting events in the Library. Below is a list of platforms where you can interact with us.

Library X

Connect with us on Twitter @WarwickLibrary and join our community of students, staff, researchers, academics, alumni, and other libraries. Follow for behind the scenes insights and live event posting – take a look at our #FabFest coverage!


Never miss a Study Happy or study skills session at the library again. Our Instagram @WarwickLibrary will keep you up to date with our latest events and news. Share photos and stories using #WarwickLibrary and check out our highlights for what we’ve been up to recently.


@WarwickUniLibrary is the best place to get reminders about our upcoming events and to engage with the Warwick University Facebook community! We’ve got lots of throwback posts for you to engage with as well.


Not sure how to use the Library or how it works? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered on our Warwick Library YouTube account: we’ve made it easy to Get Started with the Library or Work with our e-books. Also find out how we stayed connected during the pandemic with our online sessions.


Follow our Modern Records Centre (MRC) on Twitter! @MRCWarwick will help you connect with like-minded people and discover our fantastic archive collections. Keep up to date with their events and exhibitions too!

  Research Exchange X

The home of Warwick’s research community on Twitter is @ResearchEx – find out about the latest events and connect with other postgraduate students or researchers.

  Warwick MRC Blog

Step back into the past and connect with our Modern Record Centre (MRC) online. Read about interesting developments in the archives centre, backstage stories about exhibitions and collections, and news about digitised materials.