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Lifecycle of your Reading List

Academics / Teaching staff:

Edit an existing List
Create a new List

Choose "Publish" (in Classic List View)

List is now visible for students and Library alerted to changes.

Library confirms receipt of List.

Academic invited to create a profile in Talis Aspire (if not already done).

Material for list purchased / scanned / linked to by Library teams.

NB: Lists are worked on in order of date received.

The Library will contact you if there are any queries or issues with the resources on your list.

The Library will confirm when your list is completed and will again invite you to creae a profile in Talis Aspire if you haven't already.

You will be assigned ownership of your list and outstanding issues will be flagged.

You now need to check you are happy with list . Contact the Library with any queries.

You can make changes to or update your list at any time as your teaching and research develop.

Lists will rollover annually and a draft created for next session.

You need to check / update the list and confirm by 'publishing' the list again.

At any time throughout the year:

  • Contact readinglists at warwick dot ac dot uk for help, advice and training
  • Make any required changes to your list - you don't have to wait for the annual 'call out' for lists

(PDF Document) (PDF) Annual Reading List Lifecycle (for download or print).