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Reading Lists FAQs

Getting started

 I need help with using Aspire.What should I do? Answer

Take a look at our range of guides which cover the main features of Aspire. If you still require further assistance please contact your ASL who will be happy to assist.

 I haven't used Aspire before. How do I get started? Answer

We recommend you first set up a profile within Aspire. Login with your Warwick ID and password and select ‘Create a Profile.’ Then search for your module to see if a list is already available. If so, you can add it to your ‘My Lists’ area. In order to start adding items and creating a list you will need to install the bookmark tool.

 How do I install the bookmark tool? Answer

Our guides and videos will show you how to install the bookmark button on your web browser.

 Is there a recommended browser for using Aspire? Answer

Aspire works with all browsers. However, the bookmark button doesn't work with Microsoft Edge.

 I can’t find my module in the hierarchy. What should I do? Answer

We endeavor to have an entry on Aspire for all modules running at Warwick. However, if you can’t find your module on Aspire please contact ReadingLists dot Library at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will add it for you.

  Can I add items such as YouTube videos to my list or is it only possible to add books and articles? Answer

Yes, once you have installed the bookmark button Aspire allows you to easily add a range of items from across the web, including videos.

Creating a list

  I’ve created a draft list but can't find it. Answer

First check you are logged into Aspire. You can log into Aspire via the ‘Log In’ option on the menu bar. Draft lists are only visible to academic and Library staff once logged in. Lists are only visible to students once published.

 What if I want to bookmark a book or journal article the Library does not have? Answer

It is fine to bookmark an item the Library doesn't have. Locate the item you wish to include by searching Amazon or a similar website and use the bookmark tool to bookmark it. You can use the ‘Note for Library’ field to leave a message requesting we order the item. Once you publish your list we will also check all of the links are working and directing students to available items.

  The book I want to bookmark is available in both print and ebook format. Should I bookmark them separately? Answer

If the Library has both the print and ebook available you can combine the two into one single bookmark rather than bookmarking each separately.

  • Use the Library Search to find both the print and ebook and display them on separate tabs
  • Bookmark the print copy as usual
  • On the bookmarking page select ‘Web address’ from the ‘Add Field’ menu
  • Go to the tab displaying the ebook record and copy the URL linking to the ebook itself (not the URL of the catalogue record)
  • Add the URL to the ‘Web address’ field and make sure the online resource box is ticked
  • Select 'Create' or 'Create and add to list' to save the bookmark

You may also want to add a note for the students to let them know that the book is available both online and in print.

  I want to link to a journal article. Which webpage should I bookmark? Answer

Search for the article in the way you would do normally, e.g. using Library Search or Google Scholar. Bookmark the page with the links to either PDF or html full-text.

  There is a review button on each Reading List. What does it do? What does a Library review involve? Answer

Click ‘Request Review’ when you have finished updating your list. The Library will check your list and as necessary:

  • Order additional copies of books according to students numbers
  • Order new books the Library does not have
  • Arrange a stock move as necessary e.g. moving a copy to the Main Library
  • Arrange for scans to be made based upon your request

We will also:

  • Check all links to are working
  • Check the accuracy of the item information: author, date, publisher etc

Editing a list

 Can I add items or make further changes to my Reading List after it’s been published? Answer

Yes, further edits can be made once a list has been published and you can add items throughout the academic year if you wish. Once you have made your changes remember to publish your list so that the latest version is visible to the students and for the Library to check through the changes. If you need to alert the Library to something relating to a particular resource, add a 'Note for Library'.

Please note: the Library would prefer if the list is in a finalised state before it’s initially published, so that we can review all of the main materials at once.

  If I edit the details of one of my bookmarked items will it alter all other occurrences of this item on my Reading Lists or do I have to do that separately? Answer

Yes, if you edit the details of a saved bookmark, any occurrences of this bookmark on any of your lists will also be edited.

 I'm updating an existing list and want to re-use a bookmark that's already on this list, but it's not in my bookmarks. Do I have to bookmark it all over again? Answer

No, you can add a bookmark that's already on your list (or on any other list) to your bookmarks so that you can reuse it. Click on the title of the item you wish to bookmark. At the top of the page click 'Add to my bookmarks.' It will now appear in your bookmarks.

  I teach on two modules which have very similar Reading Lists. Can I easily copy them? Answer

Yes, if you teach on modules with similar Reading Lists you can copy an existing list and amend it for another module rather than creating a brand new list.

  • Find the Reading List you want to copy in Aspire. Click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Copy’
  • Input the name of the new module and complete the details as necessary. Remove the tick from the checkbox ‘ Copy hierarchy associations to new list.’ Click OK. You have now created a copy of an existing list which you can edit as required

 My list on Aspire is broken down by week but I have changed the order of the module. Can I easily reorder the sections? Answer

Yes, locate your list and select ‘Edit’ and ‘Edit List.’ At the top of the page click ‘show,’ next to the table of contents. You can drag the sections into the new order as required.

  Is it possible for more than one academic to edit one Reading List? Answer

Yes, you can share a Reading List and edit the sections you teach but only one academic can 'own' it. Being a list owner means that your name is visible to students at the top of the Reading List. Editing permissions are exactly the same for all academics.

 Changes have been made to my Reading List. How can I find out what the changes are? Answer

At the top of your list there is a 'Recent changes' button which provides you with information about the changes made to your Reading List.

  Can I import references from EndNote and use them as bookmarks in Aspire? Answer

Yes,you can import your references from either EndNote or EndNote Online, and use them as bookmarks in Aspire. Open EndNote and export your references by selecting RefMan (RIS) as the Export Style.

Within Aspire select ‘My Bookmarks.’ Choose ‘Add’ and ‘Import citations.’ Locate the exported file and click on OK to import the references. This can take a few moments. The references will be saved in your My Bookmarks.

Please note: You can only import 300 references at a time to Aspire.

Publishing a list

 My list has been published. How do I share it with my students? Answer

You can simply share the the Reading List URL. This can be added to Moodle, my.wbs or your module page. Lists can also be found on Aspire by searching by module code, name or by tutor.

 Should I make my Reading List private? Answer

If you wish to restrict access to your Reading List, you may set your list to private once it has been published. Setting your list to private will mean that it is only visible to current staff and students at Warwick. To do this, select ‘edit’ from the top of the list, choose ‘privacy control’ and change the setting to ‘only logged in users.’

  Can list owners view the content of student notes?Answer

No, Aspire will allow you to see where notes have been made, but you will be unable to view the content.

 Can I find out how many views my list has had? Answer

Once you list has been published you will be able to to track engagement using the dashboard. At the top of your list click on the green dashboard button. You will be able to see page views, total clicks, reading intentions and notes made.