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Reading Lists

The Aspire Reading List system enables you to create dynamic reading lists for your students, providing them with direct links to all reading materials. Aspire will improve the visibility of lists for students and provide a consistent approach across modules. Your lists will also be accessible to the Library allowing us to purchase materials and resource your module as necessary.

Benefits for academic staff

  • One port of call to notify the Library and request reading list items, including scanned material
  • Simple to create, manage and edit your list
  • Flexibility in your list structure
  • Allows you to link to any type of resource
  • Share your list easily with students
  • Reading list dashboard allows you to track engagement with your list
  • Integrates with Moodle or your module website

Benefits for your students

  • Consistent experience across modules
  • Clear guidance on reading expectations and importance
  • Ability to add their own notes and prioritise reading
  • Provides them with direct links to reading material
  • Frees time for independent searching
  • Readings are ordered in the right quantities

What the Library will do for you

  • Assist with the setup of your Reading Lists on Aspire
  • Check for new editions of textbooks, availability of ebooks, and check article links are working
  • Digitise chapters or articles if required
  • Provide full training and ongoing support
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