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Safety of your personal belongings

Promotional logo for keeping your personal belongings safe

It is shocking but thefts do happen, even in the Library, somewhere that can feel like a home away from home. The best possible advice for the security of your items, like in all public spaces is ‘not to leave your valuables unattended for a moment'.

The story so far

Behind the scenes the Library has been working hard to make the Library spaces as safe as possible. See our blog posts for further information:

Some helpful tips

  • Valuable items such as Beats headphones, Apple Macs etc. are more likely to be targeted by criminals
  • Laptop trackers only work if the laptop is switched on, so cannot always be relied upon as being traceable
  • Apple Mac chargers are classed as low-value items. These tend to get left behind unintentionally and can eventually end up in the lost property bins. Popular items like these should be personalised so you have a better chance of reclaiming them
  • Less than half of the items stolen in the last two years were Apple products – it is a misconception that thieves only target Apple items


You may be seeing Crooks the magpie a lot more around the Library. This magpie is a helpful reminder to not give thieves a chance and that your valuables should be kept on you at all times.

Meet Crooks the magpie:

  • Roams campus
  • Prone to collecting shiny objects
  • Opportunist – will swoop on valuables left unattended
  • A fictional character designed to represent thieves!
Promotional magpie logo for keeping your personal belongings safe