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Warwick Digital Collections

Get involved!

If there are any items from Library Special Collections that you think should be digitised let us know. The digitisation team will be happy to review your suggestion and, subject to copyright and the suitability of the item for digitisation, we will digitise and upload your selection to Warwick Digital Collections.

Get started by searching for something new today - all items in Special Collections can be found using Library Search (set the Collection filter to “Special Collections” under “Library Location”).

Please send any digitisation requests to the team at digitalcollections at warwick dot ac dot uk.

About us

Warwick Digital Collections provides access to digital copies of rare books and archival documents from the University of Warwick Library Special Collections and Modern Records Centre Archives. A wide variety of formats are covered including books, audio recordings, photographs, journals, playbooks and newspapers.

Current projects

Illustrierter Film-Kurier

We are currently cataloguing and digitising a collection of approximately 2000 German film magazines from the early 20th century. These unique illustrated programmes were published for promotion of a wide variety offilms released in Germany between 1924-1944. The collection is incomplete but substantial, especially from the later 1930s and 40s, illustrating the increasing influence of the Nazi party and its associated propaganda on the German film industry. We also hold the published catalogue of IFK from 1924 to 1944. The digitised collection is continually being added to.

Past projects

Hall Collection of Prompt Books

We previously digitised a collection of approximately 600 18th and 19th century English playbooks donated to the library by a generous benefactor. The plays were used as prompt books by the actress, Clara St. Casse, who travelled with various British touring companies in the 19th century. Many of the plays are signed and annotated by St. Casse and range from prominent works by Shakespeare and more obscure contemporary plays performed by the companies.