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Life Sciences Professor awarded grant to help fight against superbugs


Professor Christopher Dowson from the School of Life Sciences has been awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) grant of £3million to run a three year China-UK AMR Partnership Hub alongside the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The award is part of a project to address antimicrobial resistance in China and support the global fight against superbugs.

According to a recent review on antimicrobial resistance, China uses around half the antibiotics consumed globally. The report suggests that antimicrobial resistance could cause a million premature deaths annually by 2050 in China alone.

Professor Dowson’s grant will facilitate a research partnership between the University of Warwick and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is one of four winning collaborations involving universities in the UK and China.

This interdisciplinary approach will enable researchers to investigate the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria, understand its impact, develop new interventions, including new drugs, and support policymakers to improve health and agricultural systems.

Further information can be found here.

Fri 30 Nov 2018, 10:07 | Tags: research