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Research Culture Committee

A new Research Culture Committee has been established to bring together researchers, technicians, PGR students, and professional services staff to have open and collaborative discussions about the University’s research culture, to share best practice, and to influence future developments in this area.

Chaired by Professor Matt Nudds (Vice-Provost; Chair of Faculty of Social Sciences), the Committee will support the review and relaunch of the University’s ‘Research Code of Practice’ and the ‘Code of Practice for the Investigation of Research Misconduct’, and contribute to sector-wide discussions on the development of positive research cultures.

Professor Pam Thomas, PVC (Research) commented: "The University is committed to ensuring a healthy research culture for all our staff and students, and this new Committee is therefore an important addition to our internal environment."


Mon 09 Nov 2020, 11:31 | Tags: research risfeed