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Develop your research skills with new online training

As part of the University’s commitment to the highest ethical standards of research, a new online training course in ‘research integrity’ is now available:

This training is available free at the point of use for all Warwick staff and students and is relevant to all those involved in delivering, supervising, or supporting research at the University.

The new package complements existing online research integrity training, so that two versions of the training are available: ‘full’, having five discipline specific areas to choose from, and ‘concise’, being a shorter programme which also has five optional bite-size modules, of which the ‘Human Subjects Protection’ course is highly recommended.

Professor Stephen Jarvis, Chair of the Research Governance and Ethics Committee said,

‘The University’s provision of this free and high quality training reflects the emphasis that is placed on research integrity at Warwick. As a university we produce research of the highest quality and this is supported by a strong and robust approach to research ethics in its broadest sense.

I would therefore strongly encourage all staff and students that are involved in research at Warwick to complete either the ‘full’ or ‘concise’ training modules’.

The Head of Research Governance at the University is Mrs Jane Prewett. Those staff and students that require help or advice with regards to research integrity or research ethics should contact the Research Governance Team at