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Recruitment of New Members to the Religion, Faith, and Belief Taskforce

June 2022.


The Religion, Faith, and Belief Taskforce has been recently established to represent the needs of all of Warwick’s communities of different religions, faiths, and beliefs, including secular and humanist beliefs and including students and staff at all grades.

The Taskforce is currently recruiting for new members, who have an interest in promoting the place and flourishing of people of different Religions, Faiths, and Beliefs from all staff and students of the University.

It is intended that the Taskforce meets initially once a term for one and a half hours, to discuss matters relevant to religion, faith, and belief in the University and to plan actions and events to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in accordance with the University’s Social Inclusion Strategy. The Taskforce sits under the University’s Social Inclusion Committee.

As such meetings take place within normal business hours, it is advised that staff discuss your application with your line manager. If you need any further information to supply to your line manager, please contact the Taskforce staff Chair Abdullah Sahin: .

The Religion, Faith, and Belief Taskforce aims and objectives align closely to Warwick’s other Taskforces, with the Chairs meeting on a regular basis:

To become a member or to apply for these positions, please submit a paragraph (no more than 250 words) outlining why you wish to sit on the Taskforce and what you feel you could contribute to by Friday 16 September 2022. We are also open to alternative forms of application, such as a conversation or a recorded statement on Teams.

Further information about the Taskforce and its role is below.

Further particulars

The Religion, Faith, and Belief Taskforce is an advisory body which makes recommendations to the Social Inclusion Committee on matters of religion, faith, and belief. The Taskforce acts within the following terms of reference:

  1. To advise and support the University via the Social Inclusion Committee on matters of religion, faith, belief, and related religious/cultural practice.
  2. To actively demonstrate good practice in cooperation and intersectionality, especially in supporting other taskforces and the Social Inclusion Committee.
  3. To actively campaign for religious freedom, tolerance, and understanding, and to challenge all forms of religious or cultural discrimination or harassment.
  4. To raise awareness of religion, faith, and belief, especially how it shapes the identities and practices of those in our institution and community.
  5. To engage and consult across the institution; including but not limited to academic departments, professional service departments, student faith societies, the Student’s Union, International Office, and Chaplaincy.