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Anti-Racism Resources

We are committed to enabling all of our community to develop a deeper understanding about racism and how to combat it. We fully acknowledge that we are part of a sector and country where racism has proliferated and is embedded within society.

This page is designed to provide a starting point for members of the Warwick community who want to begin to explore and learn more about racism and think about what they can personally do to address it.

What do we mean by racism?

When most people think of racism, they will usually think of individuals who hold prejudiced views of certain groups of people based on their race/ethnicity or skin colour. Prejudice is about the internal views and attitudes people may hold. Racism, however, is about the negative behaviours and impacts that members of these groups may experience.

Individual racism is not the only way in which groups in society are subject to these impacts. When the rules of a society and its major institutions consistently produce disproportionately disadvantageous and unjust outcomes for certain groups, this is known as structural or systemic racism. This results in a dominant social group enjoying more power and greater privilege than those who are discriminated against.


Explore the resources below to advance your anti-racism learning and practice:




  • John Biewen, Scene On Radio (February 2017) Seeing White. Includes references to the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans and animalistic descriptions of enslaved Africans.




Reading lists

Report + Support

If you have a concern in relation to racist incidents including bullying and/or harassment, you can speak to someone or report this anonymously through Report + Support.