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Module Information and Credits

Full Academic Year Modules

You can view full academic year modules by referring the Departments pages below. You are required to take undergraduate level modules unless the agreement between our universities specifies you can take postgraduate modules.

Remember that your base department will be the department that holds the agreement with your home university, and you should choose at least 75% of your modules from that department.

Further information on the modules available can be found in the module catalogue

Part-Year Modules

For information on part year availability of modules in specific departments, please click here

Part-year modules are suitable for students attending Warwick for one or two terms only. You can view - the part year module catalogue.

Please use the following guide to calculate the part-year credits for each module listed:

  • Autumn term - 40%
  • Autumn and Spring - 80%
  • Spring - 40%
  • Spring and Summer - 60%

The University of Warwick expects Study Abroad students to undertake the following amount of work:

  • 120 CATS points (60 ECTS) for a full academic year
  • 48 CATS (24 ECTS) for Autumn or Spring only
  • 96 CATS (48 ECTS) for Autumn & Spring
  • 72 CATS (36 ECTS) Spring & Summer


Lectures and seminars are mainly held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The Summer Term is reserved for revision and examinations; although there are some subject areas which continue teaching modules. Please be aware of this when you are signing your accommodation contract. It is not possible to alter the dates of your contract later in the year.

For more details please refer to the following documents: English Language Requirement



Social Sciences

Classics & Ancient History

English & Comparative Literary Studies

Film & Television Studies

French Studies*

German Studies*

Hispanic Studies*


History of Art

Italian Studies* - Notes for Italian Studies students

Theatre, Performance & Cultural Policy Studies

Language Centre - any students taking language modules, please refer also to the School of Modern Languages website for Visiting students

Liberal Arts - contact Dr. Bryan Brazeau to discuss.


Computer Science Restricted availability please enquire with study abroad team


Life Sciences







Applied Linguistics


Global Sustainable Development

Centre for Education Studies



Politics and International Studies


Warwick Business School