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Specific Accommodation Requirements

Students who have accommodation requirements as a result of a disability can be considered for on-campus accommodation often for the duration of their course. The Disability team can support you to access appropriate on campus accommodation including:

  • Ensuite room
  • A room in a quieter area
  • A room with level access facilities
  • A room with an accessible kitchen
  • A room with a flashing alarm and vibrating pillow
  • A room in a flat with automatic doors
  • A fridge in your room to store medication or for other disability related purpose
  • A room with grab rails, clos o mat or other adaptations
  • A room with a hoist

Where relevant, rooms in the same flat can be also allocated to personal carers and these will be charged at the standard student rate.

In order to support you with your accommodation requirements, you must provide evidence. Please note that we cannot support students for a specific hall of residence.

If you will require a room with specific facilities such as a hoist, clos o mat, automatic doors or grab rails we strongly encourage you to contact us as quickly as possible and/or arrange a visit to ensure that appropriate adaptations can be made before the start of the academic year.

Please note that self-contained flats aren't available on campus and there are no catered halls.

Application Process

If you have a disability as defined by the Equality Act (2010) and you have specific accommodation requirements then you must follow the Applicants with a Disability process.

You need to submit recent medical evidence that is written by your GP, consultant or other medical professional that:

  • Details the impact of your disability on a day to day basis
  • States that the specific requirement e.g. an ensuite or fridge is a need due to a disability
  • Is typed on headed paper and signed by a professional

If you don't currently have up to date evidence, you can ask a medical practitioner to complete the medical evidence form for disability purposes that you can find here. The Disability Team and other Wellbeing Support teams will discuss your requirements with you and liaise with Warwick Accommodation to make a recommendation for on-campus accommodation. Take a look at this flowchart outlining the supported accommodation process.

Please note you will still need to complete an application for on-campus accommodation with Warwick Accommodation to indicate your preferences and to provide any other relevant information. Being supported for accommodation doesn't constitute an application for accommodation.

Students who might incur additional costs for on-campus ensuite accommodation as a direct result of a disability can apply for a subsidy towards those costs on disability grounds. The ensuite subsidy is not means tested and students who have living carers can also apply for their carer accommodation. Find out more information about the subsidy.

Room Adaptations

If you have a disability which means that a room requires additional specific adaptations such as grab rails, a hoist or a level access bathroom that you contact the Disability team as soon as possible to discuss these or where possible to arrange a visit to the accommodation to ensure that adaptations can be made. Please contact us if you are considering Warwick for your first or insurance choice so that we can ensure adaptations are in place well before the start of the academic year.

If you are likely to need personal care, such as help with toileting, cooking and dressing and/or specialist equipment such as a profiling bed, then UK students should contact their home Social Services Department to arrange a care assessment. Non-UK students should make arrangements for this support prior to arriving on campus. The Disability team can provide some contact details of local agencies providing thus type of support for you to contact before you travel to the UK.

Most bathrooms in accessible rooms have been fitted with appropriate adaptations including walk-in showers, drop down shower seats, anti-slip flooring, grab rails, shower seats, height adjustable sinks, and Clos-o-Mat toilets. You can see below for examples of our accessible rooms.


The Residential Community Team

The Residential Community Team is formed of the Head of Residential Community, six dedicated Residential Community Coordinators, two administrators and 92 Residential Community Assistants who are there to provide a variety of support channels and ensure your stay in the residences is a pleasant and uninterrupted experience.

The Resident Community Team are a good first point of contact for any issues students might face and are able to offer informed advice and a sympathetic ear.

Assistance Animals

Requests for assistance animals are considered in accordance with current guidance. Assistance animals must be registered and trained through a recognised organisation such as Assistance Dogs UK,Link opens in a new window Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs International. The University reviews its procedures regularly to ensure they are in accordance with current legislation. Staff in Wellbeing Support Services and Warwick Accommodation can also assist prospective students with identifying potential off-campus accommodation alternatives if their needs cannot be met on campus.