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A request that departments show some flexibility on assignment deadlines, where possible can be forwarded to academic Departments but automatic extensions are not recommended by Disability Services.

We do not generally encourage students to request extensions for non-medical reasons as they tend to have an impact and a knock on effect on subsequent deadlines.

Extensions may be appropriate in certain circumstances. Regardless of any recommnedations by Disability Services, students must still request an extension through the normal departmental extension request process, each time they wish to be considered for an extension. Extensions are never granted by default and it is the department's decision as to whether they can accommodate the student's request.

NB: If flexibility with deadlines has been recommended by Disabilty Services on disability grounds, it is advisable that students are not required to submit medical evidence each time they request an extension if their request relates to their long term condition.


Certain learning differences may mean that people find time management and organisation of multiple tasks more challenging. It is helpful if students can concentrate on individual tasks. Any flexibility request for these reasons tends to be recommended where a student has more than one deadline very close together. Extensions are not automatic and should not be used as a matter of course as they tend to create additional problems later in the year.

Some medical conditions are unpredictable and a student may find that they are not well enough to meet all deadlines.


  • A student with chronic fatigue syndrome may be particularly unwell one week and get behind with their work.
  • A student with attention deficit disorder or dyspraxia may find it very difficult to manage their time and divide their attention between major tasks. It is helpful to be able to work on one major task at a time.
  • A student with depression, which can fluctuate in terms of severity, may find it very difficult to concentrate and would benefit from some additional time to complete an assignment.