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It’s important that you feel safe whilst you study at Warwick. Whether you live on campus, in the local community or elsewhere, if you have concerns about your safety, someone else’s safety or you are a victim of a crime, please to contact Wellbeing and Student Support for advice and support. 

Safeguarding is everyone’s duty and responsibility. If you are concerned for yourself or for someone else’s safety please reach out for support and/or report the incident(s). Further information about how to do so is detailed below. 

Emergency Support 

If you are require support around safety in out of hours and/or if you are in an emergency situation, where you or someone you know feels unsafe, threatened or where you are at risk of harm please contact Community Safety on 024 7652 2222 (open 24/7) or internal extension 22222 and/or call the police on 999. You can also get some advice and guidance from Community Safety on their non-emergency line 024 7652 2083.  

If you use a mobile to call for an emergency service (999), you should also then dial 024 7652 2222. This alerts the University's Campus Community Safety and will enable the emergency vehicle to be speedily escorted to where it is required on the campus. 

You can also access your local crisis team if you feel you require emergency, crisis, or out of hours mental health support. NHS Mental Health Crisis Team (Central Booking Service) 0300 200 0011 (24hrs) or you can contact Mental Health Matters for support on 0800 616 171 (24hrs) 0300 330 5487 (from mobile, 24hrs). 

Further Information and Advice 

  • Hate crime 


Incident Reporting Form  

The University is working closely with the police and other stakeholders to reduce crime and we want you to report incidents that have happened to you. This enables us to understand the size and scope of the problem, so that we can provide appropriate support for you. Completing the form below does not create a formal report to the police. Incident Form 

Types of incident may include, for example; threats of violence, verbal abuse, physical violence, theft, damage to personal property and damage to accommodation. 

If the incident relates to sexual violence and/or domestic abuse, please view our sexual violence prevention and support pages . We have a Sexual and Domestic Violence Adviser who can provide you with emotional support and advice surrounding your experience of abuse. If you wish to report the incident(s) to the University, you can do this via the University’s Report and Support Service or the Sexual and Domestic Violence adviser can help you to do this if you prefer. 

Reporting Incidents to the University 

Report and Support is the University of Warwick’s single online platform for reporting bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or hate crime. 

Our website allows you to disclose both anonymously and with details, to ensure that all students and staff can access support. 

It doesn’t matter if the incident(s) took place on or off campus, or if the incident(s) happened in the past - our Student Liaison Officers are available to provide confidential support and outline the potential next steps. 

No reports trigger a formal complaints procedure, and no further action will be taken without your consent.