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Celebrating Academic Integrity

Championing academic integrity in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We’re all members of the Warwick community, becoming experts in our own subject areas and proud of our achievements. When we achieve academic success, we can celebrate our collective triumph and promote the reputation of our institution through academic integrity.

Academic integrity means committing to honesty in academic work, giving credit where we've used others' ideas and being proud of our own achievements.

Access useful resources below to make sure that your work always meets Warwick's expectations of academic integrity, and get involved in our student competition on the theme of championing academic integrity in the age of AI.

Artificial Intelligence in assessments

Watch this video, where Lee Griffin, Academic Lead for Academic Integrity at the University, explains when and how Artificial Intelligence can be used in assessments, and key considerations so you can ensure you are maintaining academic integrity.

What academic integrity means to you

The student competition is now closed. Thank you for your entries - these can now be viewed on this page, and will be displayed in the FAB during Academic Integrity Celebration Week (w/c 20 November).

    The competition will be judged by Coventry University's Academic Manager for Student Experience, Irene Glendinning, and the winners and runners-up will be announced at the panel and judging session on Wednesday 22 November, 2-4pm, S0.21, Social Sciences. Winners will be contacted by email to redeem their Amazon vouchers.

    Academic Integrity Celebration Week

    From 20 November, we are hosting a series of events centred around academic integrity, from Students’ Union advice stands in departments, to panel discussions, an exhibition of our student competition entries, and Library Referencing Support Clinics.

    Join us as we champion academic integrity and offer you support to maintain academic integrity within your studies or research at Warwick.

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    Breaches of academic integrity sometimes happen without us realising, especially if we are in a rush to meet a deadline. Taking shortcuts may seem tempting, but the impacts of an academic integrity breach can be long-lasting.

    This can also include deliberate acts of academic misconduct, which Warwick's regulations define as 'acts or omissions by a student which give or have the potential to give an unfair advantage in an examination or assessment, or might assist someone else to gain an unfair advantage, or an activity likely to undermine the integrity essential to scholarship and research'.

    Each academic department has its own policies and practices concerning academic integrity and these can be found on your department's webpages and course handbooks. Always ask your department's Academic Integrity Lead if you're not sure where to look.

    Find out about Regulation 11, including forms of academic misconduct (A3.3), on this page.

    Avoiding plagiarism

    Here are some resources to help with avoiding plagiarism in your academic work:

    Become an Academic Integrity Champion

    We're looking for departmental Academic Integrity Champions to raise awareness of academic integrity and contribute to the expert conversation in your subject.

    Speak to your department's Academic Integrity Lead to find out more about the role.