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Nominations are invited for the appointment of our next University Chancellor

Our Chancellor, Sir Richard Lambert, has confirmed his intention to stand down with effect from the 30 September 2016. Sir Richard has been a phenomenally successful Chancellor and we will celebrate his contribution and service in due course.

Our immediate task is to start the difficult process of identifying a successor to Sir Richard. We have established a Joint Committee of the Senate and the Council to bring forward a proposed name for appointment. We are keen to engage our staff, student and alumni communities in suggesting potential names for consideration and to identify any specific qualities and attributes that our next Chancellor should bring.

The Chancellor is the titular Head of the University, whose official duties are to confer degrees and other honours on behalf of the University. Beyond the formal and representational duties, our new Chancellor will play a key role in the University’s life by providing a role model for the various constituencies that the University serves and to play an ambassadorial role in promoting the University regionally, nationally and overseas. The Chancellor will also play a vital role in the development and fundraising activities of the University. We expect, therefore, that the Chancellor will be a leading national or international figure in their field of work or expertise.

This is a vitally important role for the University and we know that you will be very interested to hear how the process is progressing and knowing, ultimately, who the Council and the Senate appoint.

If you would like to submit a nominee for consideration, please contact us with a brief outline of the individual and why you think they make an excellent candidate for this role. Please also contact us if you wish to comment on the qualities and attributes that you feel our new Chancellor should bring.

We would welcome comments or nominations by Friday 15 July 2016, and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Sir George Cox Professor Stuart Croft
Chair of Council Vice-Chancellor
George Cox Stuart Croft