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What have we updated?

About this page

We will update this page when we make significant changes to course information. This does not necessarily include minor corrections or formatting.

If you ever want to ask us about a change, you can contact us at webeditor at warwick dot ac dot uk.

1st March 2023

Made the following changes to the list of available optional modules:

Year 1


  • Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • Introduction to Social Analytics I
  • Introduction to Social Analytics II
  • Understanding Social Inequalities


  • Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis I
  • Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis II


Year 2


  • Intermediate Social Analytics: Survey Design and Data Collection
  • Intermediate Social Analytics: Survey Analysis and Reporting
  • Europe: Politics and Ideas (only showing on Politics and International Studies but please delete)


  • The Political Economy of Southeast Asia
  • Introduction to Casual Inference in Quantitative Political Analysis

Year 3


  • Governing Britain Since 1918
  • Britain and the War on Terror
  • East Asian Transformations: A Political Economy Perspective
  • Applying Quantitative Methods to Social Research
  • Experiments in the Social Sciences and Humanities


  • The Politics of Religion
  • Gender, War and Militarism
  • Race and International Politics
  • The Political Economy of Islam in Southeast Asia