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Warwick: Open to Wonder

About this video

Our Open to Wonder video is mostly an auditory and visual video, with minimal narration. We want to give you a real feel for campus life, and what a day on campus might be like.

If you are unable to watch the video, our descriptions below will explain what each scene shows. We have included image previews to give some of you a flavour for what's being shown on the screen too. If you can't see these, the description for these images is in the text below.

Transcript and audio description

Opening line of text: "Open to wonder"

Birds are singing.

The sun rises over a student accommodation block at Warwick.

Everything is peaceful and quiet.


A student is in his kitchen.

He turns on the radio and starts making breakfast.


Two students walk through an academic department and up the stairs to the lecture theatre. They talk to each other.

"Have you done the reading for the lecture?"

"Yeah, quite a bit to be honest, how about you?"


Campus from above

We see aerial views of campus.

Warwick has a large spacious campus, surrounded by greenery and trees. In the distance we can see Coventry.

We see a close up of the outside of the library and the bridge which gaps the two halves of the library.


Students study independently in small groups in the Oculus.

It is a big, bright, open building with large windows.

A student records himself doing a vlog, using a camera on a tripod. He talks to the audience:

"Right guys, in today's vlog, I’m going to be sharing three tips for how you can improve your productivity at university."

Having fun with friends

Two students skateboard and then sit talking at skate ramps. We do not hear their conversation.


A student trainee teacher approaches a primary school.

She sits in front of a group of young children and we see them talking.

Children respond to her question: "It’s tierra!"

Student: "It’s tierra, well done."


In a lecture, a member of teaching staff highlights something with a laser pointer on the large screen.

"So, I want to make a comment about how I can calculate the KSP of..."


In a dance studio, a dance teacher demonstrates the timing for a movement.


Two students talk and laugh while drinking coffee in a café.


Students in martial arts robes perform a series of movements, as brass instruments and drums play.

The scene switches to members of an orchestra warming up their instruments and talking together.

Bluebell woods

A student walks through a wood in autumn at sunset. Leaves crunch under her feet.

She takes a photo on her phone.


A student in a wheelchair moves between bookshelves in a library.

She takes a book from the shelf.

Arts Centre

An usher welcomes two guests to a theatre.

He takes their ticket and they climb the stairs to the theatre.

Evening on campus

Students walk and cycle around campus at night, past illuminated buildings.


Inside a student bedroom, a student works at a desk.


A group of students sit together in a pub doing a quiz. They laugh and discuss answers.

We see people in a nightclub.

They leave and walk down steps outside.

Closing line: "Search out inspiration."

A group of students stand on a rooftop looking at the night sky using a telescope. There is a close-up shot of the student who is looking through the telescope.

He pulls his head back from the telescope, as though he has seen something that amazes him.