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From Warwick: Anywhere

From Warwick: Anywhere

Transcript and audio description

We’re at a critical point in history.

You’ve reached a pivotal point in your life.

This. Is. The. Point.

So don’t let this moment pass you by.

Get ready for it.

Make sure you’re equipped for anything the world throws at you.

Be guided by expert minds.

Don’t leave yourself on mute.

Don’t. Stand. Still.

Be part of a community which allows everyone to have a voice; to stand alone or to work in teams.

To speak with freedom.

Don’t. Fear. The. Future.

Embrace it.

Right now, in every community, city and country, we need leaders, imagination and insight.

We. Need. You.

So, yes, it is a critical point in history for everyone.

But it’s also an opportunity.

It’s your opportunity.

We’re ready to change your world.

We’re ready to change THE world.