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Information for Offer Holders

Information for Offer Holders

We hope this information offers some helpful guidance. If you have any further questions, please join one of our regular live chats.

Waiting for your results?

We know that waiting can be a stressful time, so explore our results web page to help you prepare. Whatever your offer status, we hope that you find the content helpful. We hope we have answered your questions on our results pages, but if not, you can call our Admissions Hotline from 8am on A level results day.

Updating us with your information

We may ask you to "verify" the qualifications you have achieved and the reference on your UCAS application as conditions of your offer, particularly if you applied directly to UCAS rather than through your school or college.

Find out how to submit official documents for verification.

If you are taking A Levels, the International Baccalaureate or Pre-Us, we will normally receive your exam results directly from UCAS.

If you are taking qualifications from a country other than the UK, or UK qualifications such as an Access to HE course or a foundation degree, we will not receive these results from UCAS. It is your responsibility to ensure that your results are sent to us, and we ask you to do this as soon as they are available. Offers cannot be confirmed if we do not receive verified examination results by 31st July 2024. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions team if you have any questions about getting your results to us.

If you are not a British national, you may need a Student Visa to study in the UK. Please visit our Immigration & Compliance webpages to find out more information about the visa process, including what we do to issue you with a CAS number.

Making your decision

For most courses, if you are made an offer, you will be invited to a Departmental Open Day to find out more about your specific course and department. These events will help ensure that you have the information you need to make the decision which is right for you.

Departmental Open Days typically take place from December to June and further information will be sent to you after you receive your offer. We encourage candidates who are invited to attend a Departmental Open Day to do so if possible, even if they have already attended a general Warwick University Open Day.

When you have heard from all the universities that you applied to, you will receive notification from UCAS. You may then select one offer as your Firm choice and, if your Firm offer is conditional, another as an Insurance choice.

If you haven't already done so, visit the universities you are interested in, either on an organised open day or informally. At the moment you might only be able to access Virtual Open Days, so register for those too. Talk to current students and academic staff if possible and take in the atmosphere.

If you receive two or more offers, you should consider holding an Insurance offer which has grade requirements lower offer than your Firm choice. If you fail to meet the conditions of your Firm choice, but you have accepted a suitable Insurance offer, you will still have a guaranteed place at university. You are not obliged to make an Insurance choice but it is sensible to have a back-up. If all of your offers require the same grades you may still make an Insurance choice but if you fail to meet the terms of either your Firm or your Insurance choice you will not be guaranteed a place and may be released to Clearing.

Your Firm choice should be the university that you consider is best for you, not necessarily the one with the highest offer. Your Insurance university should also be a place where you would be happy to live and study. Remember, the decisions that you make at this point are binding, so consider your options carefully. It is not possible to turn down your Firm choice in favour of your Insurance choice at results time if you meet the terms of your Firm choice.