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Terms and Conditions

Undergraduate Terms and Conditions

Important information to consider before making an application

Last updated: 1 March 2023

Our printed and digital prospectus were accurate at the time of publication. They are, however, published 18 months before enrolment on the courses to which they apply. Given the long interval between drafting/publication and enrolment, some of the information may change. It is therefore very important that you check the relevant course pages for any updates before you accept a place on one of our courses.

The University will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the course in accordance with the description applied to it in this prospectus and on the website for the relevant academic year. However, changes to the syllabus course content, delivery and methods of assessment may be necessary where there are developments in the relevant discipline or developments in teaching methods and it will enable the University to deliver a better quality of educational experience to students enrolled on the course. Changes may also need to be made to comply with the requirements of an external accrediting or reviewing body.

Optional modules may change in order to keep abreast of issues current in the relevant discipline or to reflect the research interests of teaching staff.

The University will aim to keep the changes to the minimum necessary to achieve the required quality of experience and will communicate with those students who are affected in advance about any changes that are required. If the University changes your course and you are not satisfied with the changes, you will be offered the opportunity to withdraw from the programme and, if required, given reasonable support to transfer to another provider.

Sometimes circumstances may arise which are beyond the control of the University and which will require changes to courses and/or location. Examples (without limitation) of such circumstances include:

(a) industrial or protest action by University staff, students or third parties

(b) the unanticipated and/or unavoidable absence or departure of key members of University or specialist staff

(c) insufficient uptake of a programme

(d) changes required by accrediting/regulatory bodies

(e) significant changes to the University's funding

(f) damage, interruption or lack of access to buildings, facilities or equipment

(g) interruption or failure of a utility service

(h) non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors

(i) pandemics, epidemics or threats to public health

(j) the acts or delays of any governmental, public or local authority

(k) acts of terrorism

(l) political or civil unrest

(m) flood, drought, earthquake, other natural disaster or severe weather condition

(n) power failure, fire, explosion or accident; and/or

(o) nuclear, chemical or biological contamination

In these circumstances, the University will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption by, for example, delivering a modified version of the course, offering affected students the chance to move to another course or institution, changing the location of the course and/or the method of delivery of the course and/or engaging Regulation 41.

To the full extent it is possible under the general law the University excludes liability for any loss and/or damage suffered by any applicant or student as a result of those circumstances.

Information about wider student rights and responsibilities can be found at