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Citizens of Warwick

In 2017, we were rated in the top 20 of the world's most international universities (Times Higher Education World's Most International Universities 2017). Approximately one-third of our students are from overseas, coming to Warwick from nearly 150 countries. We view every student as an international student, and our campus life is truly international and buzzing with opportunities to network with students from all over the world.

Meet just a few of our Citizens of Warwick.


Psychology 1st year - From Romania

"The UK is the UK, it doesn’t compare to Romania for Psychology as well because in Romania psychology as a subject is quite new and there’s not much research or like people that know how to teach it to you so that’s why I came her and think it’s the best choice I could make.”

“It’s a huge difference here in terms of people and in the environment as well, in Romania I felt a bit stuck, here I feel like I know people from all around the world and I feel like I can do more than I could do back there. Basically that’s it, it’s a huge thing, travelling from a small village to a huge town, something like that.”

“What made me feel welcome here? Everybody. I came to the Piazza and there were hundreds of people and I just felt like I could go up to somebody and be like “How are you? My name is Maria” and could just start talking to everybody, and going to parties as well because here at Warwick I don’t know how it is at other Universities, but here it is very social and it’s very International and I think that’s what, the International vibe of the place made me feel better here, more welcome.”



Management 2nd year - from Germany

"I love that Warwick university opens you so many doors, either career wise, or you can get involved here, follow your passions, your hobbies, and how diverse the culture actually is and that everyone around is motivated, that it just makes you a better person."

 Cain Rothe


Studying Law - from Ghana

"What I like about Warwick is the campus is really beautiful, the people are really, really friendly, there are always new things to try and new hobbies to get into. It’s really good here. I’m really excited about what my future at Warwick brings."

 Leslie-Anne Owusu


Studying European Law - from Romania

"I came to Warwick because I heard it’s a great school, I have many friends who studied here and they only have good words about this University. I think it’s quite a cultural shock for me which I want to experience because it’s a new country, new people, a new language."

 Andra Vrabie