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Events Calendar

See the events calendar (to the right) for the action-packed plan for Term 2, 2022. We'll put these events on the Google Calendar (see below) and publicise on Facebook in advance of each for the exact details including locations, dates and times.


Our socials are the heart of our society; from night hikes to see the Kenilworth fireworks to traditional DofE pool socials to the spectacle that is DofE Pop, there's something for the outdoorsy, the competitive and the excitable! Including: board games, pool, pub quiz, Christmas meal, laser quest, ice skating and much more.

Expedition Training Sessions

From tent pitching to map-reading and compass bearings, our training sessions cover all the skills you'll need to do your expeditions with us. Our Exec team run most sessions, but we often invite guest instructors to run First Aid demonstrations. If you are a participant that wants to do your expeditions with us, please attend all of the training sessions so you are fully prepared for expeditions.

If you are one of our participants but absolutely need to miss any of the training sessions, please let us know you can't make it in advance. You can find past slides in our Google Drive Folder: Training Sessions (Shared With Participants), but we will need to check you know all of the Expedition Training Framework requirements a catch-up session before you are approved for attending Expeditions with us.

events calendar Term 1

Google Calendar

Here is our Google Calendar, which should (hopefully) be kept up to date with our socials, night hikes, training sessions, trips and other events. It is a good place to keep track when our events are scheduled. Synchronise this to your personal calendar applications with the downloadable iCal file to receive automatic updates. View directly in the Google Calendar site.

See our Facebook Calendar for further details about each event, We'd also recommend hitting 'Going' on any of the events that take your fancy, so that you get all the information you need.