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Our socials are the heart of our society! From night hikes to see the Kenilworth fireworks to traditional DofE pool socials to the advent of a whole new era of DofE Pop, there's something for the outdoorsy, the competitive and the excitable! And we've even adapted to covid: we've moved our socials online! Board games have become games nights, circling has gone virtual, and movie nights have become Netflix and destress nights - so we'd still love for you to join us!

Training Sessions

From tent putting-up to map reading and bearings, our training sessions cover all the skills you'll need to do your expeditions with us! We might not be able to get the hot chocolate out this year, but we've still managed to take training sessions online! With amazing First Aid demonstrations from our exec and top-notch nutritional advice, our participants will still get all the training they need!

Google Calendar

Here is our Google Calendar, which should (hopefully) be kept up to date with our socials, night hikes, training sessions, trips and other events. It is a good place to keep track when our events are scheduled. Synchronise this to your personal calendar applications with the downloadable iCal file to receive automatic updates. View directly in the Google Calendar site.

See our Facebook Calendar for further details about each event, We'd also recommend hitting 'Going' on any of the events that take your fancy, so that you get all the information you need.


Covid Restrictions

**Many of the trips, socials and other activities mentioned above will be subject to covid-19 restrictions and may not be able to go ahead as usual. However, we're working as hard as we can to give you the best DofE experience possible within those restrictions! Help with the award will still be just as thorough, and we hope to run regular online events and maybe some socially distanced outdoor activities, depending on the guidance.**