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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society

Welcome to Warwick DofE Society!

As one of the only student-led DofE centres in the UK, we pride ourselves on making the Gold Award as accessible as possible to our participants, whilst also offering our members a great student experience! From regular training sessions and expeditions to night hikes, socials and weekend trips, we've got it all - and we'd love for you to join us! One way or another - participant, Post Gold, or hiking enthusiast - we'll get you outdoors, on adventures, and maybe even on a day trip to Buckingham Palace...

Exec Elections Are On the Horizon!

The date is set: our annual AGM and Exec Elections is taking place from 7pm on Wednesday 3rd March (Week 8). This is your chance to have your say on how the last year's been, the future of the society and what direction we should take it in next! As with all our other events, we recommend you hit 'Going' on the Facebook event to stay up-to-date and get that all important Teams link.

How It's Going to Work

  • If you want to vote you must be a member of the society by Tuesday 16th February (Week 6). You can buy membership from our page on the SU website.
  • If you want to nominate yourself for an exec position you can do so anytime between 12pm (midday) on Monday 22nd February and 12pm (midday) on Monday 1st March. You should also email our current President, Oliver Sabin (oliver dot sabin at warwick dot ac dot uk), with any presentation slides you wish to use to support your pitch by 12pm (midday) on Wednesday 3rd March. At the AGM and Exec Elections, you'll be given a few minutes to pitch your ideas to everyone else - this is your moment to shine!

You'll be able to nominate yourself on our SU page as soon as it goes live!

  • Voting will open at 6pm on Wednesday 3rd March, and stay open until 6pm on Friday 5th March. Voting will be done via the SU website, and we'll post the link here as soon as it goes live. Although you can vote at any time during the AGM and Exec Elections, we strongly recommend that you wait to vote until everyone has had a chance to present their ideas. You'll only get one vote per position, so you need to make sure it counts!
  • Results will be published as soon as we know them! We're expecting to hear back from the SU early in Week 9, and we'll put the results everywhere we can!


What Happens During the Exec Elections Event?

On Wednesday 3rd March, all of our nominees will have an opportunity to pitch themselves to everyone present at the event. Each pitch will last around 2 minutes (5 minutes for President) and should include: a little bit about you, your history with the DofE society, and - most importantly - all your plans for the position and why people should vote for you!

Need Some Inspiration?

Thinking of nominating yourself for an exec position but not sure which one you'd suit? Our current exec members have put together some information for you! Check out the slideshow above to find out which positions we're looking to fill, what each role involves and what our exec members have enjoyed the most about doing it this year! If you have any questions about a specific role, don't hesitate to contact our exec! Head over to our Meet the Exec page to find out who's currently in the role you've got your eye on, and ask away!

2021: The DofE Way

If you want to have the finest of DofE Society Wall Calendars on your wall (or desktop) from 1st January to 31st December 2021, you are in luck! All the photos were taken from society trips in the 2019/20 academic year. For personal use only, don't try to sell/distribute them! Viewable (and downloadable!) below. Happy viewing!

Calendar Photo Link

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