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Our Weekend Trips

Our trips are the highlight of our events calendar! We dedicate one weekend of Terms 1 and 2 to getting our members out to Wales for a couple of days of mountain climbing, hiking, and sheep befriending - although we make no guarantees about that last one!


We like to throw our new members in at the deep end with this quest through mist, snow and sometimes boot-removing bog to reach the top of Snowdon, Wales' tallest mountain! And, in previous years, we've been known to pop off on a cheeky castle trip as well...

Brecon Beacons

Our participant training weekend also doubles up as our second getaway of the year! Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and always with a mountain or two, this trip makes it (sometimes literally...) truly impossible to leave Wales!

Day Trips

Whether it's walking in the Malvern Hills or, more recently, navigating the Warwickshire countryside between here and Solihull, we've always been partial to a day trip! What better way to get to out, see the sights, and get campus out your lungs?

We're constantly looking for new day trips, so who knows where we'll be off to next! We only hope that you'll join us there!

Trip Forms

This page contains some necessary and important forms for the award and society:

Expeditions and Weekend Trips:

1. Next of Kin (must be completed prior to each trip/expedition)
2. Disclaimer (must be completed prior to each trip/expedition)

3. Join the Scouts (becoming a Scout Network member is required for expeditions, and may be required for some trips)

Kit Lists

To know what sort of things to pack on trips and expeditions, look at the relevant kit list below:

Weekend Trip Kit List (required for Snowdonia and Training Weekend trips)
Expedition Kit List (required for DofE Practice and Qualifying Expeditions)

Covid Restrictions

**Many of the trips, socials and other activities mentioned above will be subject to covid-19 restrictions and may not be able to go ahead as usual. However, we're working as hard as we can to give you the best DofE experience possible within those restrictions! Help with the award will still be just as thorough, and we hope to run regular online events and maybe some socially distanced outdoor activities, depending on the guidance.**

Past Trips

Here are some videos of past trips & expeditions. If you haven't been on a trip with us before and need to pack, see if you think your gear would be suitable in all of these environments and conditions!

Expedition Highlights 2019

Expedition Highlights 2018

Expedition Highlights 2017