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Starting an activity
Once you have decided how and where you are doing an activity, you need to consider what goals you will set yourself, how you will be assessed and who your assessor will be.


Planning your activitiesWhen you get started with eDofE, you will be prompted to choose your sections and indicate how long you will be doing each activity for. You can always change the time scales later so don't worry much about it if you are not sure yet.
Choosing activities
There is a huge list of ideas on this section of the DofE website, (click on the section you need on the right). Also, use the links on the left to see our own ideas for activities at Warwick University. There are so many different activities you’ll find it hard not to want to do any of them.

The assessor should be someone with a relevant position of responsibility of qualification. For example, if you are doing a sport it could be your coach. If you were learning to drive it could be your driving instructor. The assessor cannot be a member of your family or a friend.

You should inform your assessor as soon as you start the activity that you plan to use the activity for your award. If they are unfamiliar with the award, there is a handy information sheet in your getting started pack which you can give them.

You need to discuss with them what your personal goals will be, and how you will be assessed.

Personal Goals
When you start the activity, you need to decide on a set of personal goals that you want to achieve in the time period you will be doing the activity for. If you were learning a musical instrument, for example, one of your goals might be to reach a specific Grade.

You should discuss with your assessor how you will be assessed at the end of the time period. The assessment method should be relevant to your personal goals.

Once you have decided on an activity, you should enter it onto eDofE. If it is okay, our DofE Leader will approve it and you can get started!

During an activity
1) Log it!

Keep a record of everything you do for an activity, it doesn’t have to be a detailed log, simply recording the date and what you did for how long will suffice. It would be advisable to record any important milestones you pass.

This isn’t a lot of work, and it will make your life SO much easier when you finish the activity

2) Snap It!

Photos are good! When your award is sent off to be reviewed it will be far more likely to be approved if they can see lots of evidence of you doing the activity. It also means that your achievement pack will look much more personal when you finish!

3) Upload it!

Scan and upload photos and other evidence as you go, things like certificates, tickets and letters are perfect!

Finishing an activity
When you have done the activity for the at least the minimum amount of time that you needed to (can be longer) you will need to be assessed by your assessor.

The assessment should be relevant to the personal goals you set at the start of the activity.

The assessor should fill out and sign the page from your keeping track booklet, which you must then scan and upload to eDofE. This page is the absolute MINIMUM that will be accepted as evidence for an activity. Ideally, you should upload lots more pieces of evidence (about 8-9 per section) as when your award is sent off to be reviewed it will be far more likely to be approved if they can see lots of evidence of you doing the activity.

Finishing the award
Once all of your activities have been completed for the required lengths of time, and you have uploaded all of your evidence our DofE Leader will check that it is all okay. It is then ‘passed up the chain’, Coventry Scouts will check everything, and they will then pass it up to National level who will decide if you will receive your award. Don’t be frightened by this though! If you have done a suitable activity for the right length of time, and uploaded enough evidence to show that you have been doing it, you will definitely get your award!

Once your award is completed, you will be able to make an achievement pack via eDofE. This is a high quality hardback book which has all of your achievements and evidence in it – something which is great to keep! You will also receive a brooch or badge and a certificate.

You will be invited to one of the Royal Palaces to be presented your certificate by a member of the Royal Family. If you cannot make the first date they invite you to, you will be invited to another date about 3 months later. If you cannot make the second date they will send you your certificate by post. You are allowed to take one guest with you.