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Meet the Exec



Hi, I’m Andrew! I’m a fourth year maths student who realises there is actually more to life than maths (it was a tough lesson to learn). So I’ll be channelling my non-maths-ness into the role of President!

I completed my expeditions with the society in 2017 and have been heavily involved in the society ever since, having spent the last year as the society’s Post Gold Officer.

My job is to keep the exec in check and to make sure that the society is run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. I have many ideas for this year, but I’m certainly looking out for suggestions and improvements to the society!

Outside of DofE, I enjoy playing the French Horn, badminton, skiing and much more

Fun fact: I attended a youth theatre for 10 years of my life

Vice President:


Hi, I’m Naomi! I’m a 2nd year Engineering student. I completed my awards whilst at school and now my role is to help you complete all the sections for yours. As part of this I do the eDofE bits and bobs and help out Andrew.

In my spare time I like to do even more hiking and camping (surprise, surprise) and a cheeky bit of crafting and sewing.

Secretary and Social Sec:


Hi, my name is Katie and I’m going into my second year of a German and History degree. I did all 3 of my DofE qualifications at school, completing my residential at uni. Doing DofE was undeniably one of the best decisions I have made, allowing me to get out of my comfort zone and have some amazing experiences. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s considering it!

My role this year will see me organising exec meetings and socials for the society. If you have any suggestions or any events you would like the society to put on, please let me know via email or facebook!



Hello there, my name is Steven and I’m a second year Engineering student. I will be the society’s treasurer for this year which entails responsible management of the society’s funds, completing necessary forms and ensuring that there is no shady business with the society’s funds. You’ll find that I’m always walking into puddles and trying to avoid cyclists on an everyday basis.

Did you hear the rumor about butter?

Well, I’m not going to spread it!

Important quote: “I hate walking.” – Steven, 2018

Expeditions Officer:


Jack Adams

I study Engineering (2nd Year), and completed my Gold Expedition on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, before finishing my award in 2017. I have the luxurious job of sorting out the trips done by the Society, filling out Trip forms for the SU and acting as a supervisor during expeditions for safety.

About the award: The expeditions are challenging and may seem slightly arduous when you are completing them, but afterwards you will have only the fondest of memories of all the bogs, getting lost and hiking all day long!

Interesting fact: The Lake Distric, where our Qualifying Expeditions are currently held, only has one lake within it. - "Although it is home to many waters, meres and tarns, only Bassenthwaite Lake near Keswick in the north of the area has lake in its title. Otherwise there are 16 bodies of water that are considered to be the main lakes" -

Expeditions Officer:


Hello, I’m Harry. I’m a second year Engineer, and I also completed my Gold (through Sixth Form) in the Isle of Arran. I particularly enjoy filling out paperwork for trips, which is why I am thrilled to be Expeditions Officer for the society.

Fun fact: π = 3 (just don’t tell Andrew)

Post-Gold Officer:


Hi I’m Anna. I’m about to start second year studying English Literature. I completed my gold at school and did my expeditions in the Lake District, which was lovely. Doing DofE was one of the best experiences of my life so it was a bit sad when I walked past the DofE table at the socs fair thinking that all my connections with DofE were over. But I was very wrong! There’s still lots of amazing things to do after your award. If you have any questions about exactly what, send me a message and I’ll let you know!

IT and Publicity Officer:


Hello, I’m the IT & Publicity officer. I’ll be writing the weekly emails and managing the website. Please feel free to email about any society/award related questions you have.