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Trip Forms & Kit Lists

The Next of Kin and Disclaimer forms on this page are compulsory for anyone coming on our trips or expeditions. We'll send out an email to remind you to complete them after you've bought your ticket, and they'll need to be done before we leave campus. You may also need to join the Scout Network to take part in some of our trips.

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Kit Lists

We've put together kit lists for our two annual trips, and for our expeditions in the summer! We strongly recommend that you try to get hold of everything on the lists - it'll make trips far more enjoyable for you if you do! However, we do have a limited amount of kit that you can borrow - including rucksacks, sleeping bags and roll mats - so please do contact us at least a week in advance of trips if you'd like to borrow any!

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Where to Buy Kit

Need some help sourcing your new kit? Just ask our exec! We can give you recommendations on everything from shops closest to campus and the best websites for online shopping to which stores offer DofE discounts. We'll also give our participants some tips during expedition training sessions, and sometimes run kit buying socials so we can be there to help you out in person!