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Expeditions are a great experience and really good fun! They're the moment you get to put everything you learnt in training sessions into practice - even if being thrown in at the deep end and left to navigate for yourself can be a bit intimidating at first! We put a lot of effort into training our participants up, so you should be able to take on anything (including the infamous Death Valley!)

By the end of your award, you'll look back on your expeditions with the fondest memories! (Provided it doesn't rain...!)

Practice & Qualifying Expeditions
  • Practice Expedition: 4 days (3 nights) + travel days
  • Qualifying Expedition (Assessed): 4 days (3 nights) + acclimatisation day + travel days

We aim to run two expeditions over the summer: one practice and one qualifying. They each involve around 80km of hiking, whilst being completely reliant on your own food, drink and map reading skills - with our supervisors on hand, just in case! It's physically challenging - but you don't have to be incredibly fit to do it, and you'll still have fun*! We do recommend you get some practice walking in beforehand, though.

Generally, we run our expeditions in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District - so, if you're lucky, you'll get great views, climb some hills and maybe even catch a glimpse of a mountain! We can't guarantee good weather, but we do hope you'll have a good time!

*Disclaimer: expeditions can sometimes turn out to be Type 2 Fun: you'll enjoy it in hindsight!

Our Training

Training Sessions We run regular training sessions during Terms 1 and 2 (plus additional route planning and competency sessions in Term 3) - so, by the time you go on your expeditions, you'll be ready for whatever it throws at you and meet all the official DofE requirements! From navigation to campcraft and - most importantly - food, we'll cover it all!

**Details of our upcoming training sessions can be found on our Events page**

Brecon Beacons Our weekend trip to the Brecon Beacons doubles up as a training weekend for our participants - and what better place to put your navigation skills to the test than the hills of Wales! The advantages: no tents or cooking, and occasional cake!

Rough Close A small-scale practice run for your expeditions: we walk from campus to a local campsite, and give you the opportunity to practice all the skills you've learnt so far! Bring warm socks - tents can get cold in Term 2!

Kit List

While we provide group kit for you, you will need to get your own individual supplies. We've provided a kit list for you, and we strongly recommend you get as much as you can - the more prepared you are, the better your expedition experience will be!

But we do keep your student budgets in mind! We have some individual kit (rucksacks, sleeping bags etc.), so please contact us before the expeditions if you'd like to borrow some! We've also recommended some shops for you - convenience, budget and quality all in one!

Kit List Photo Link

Covid Restrictions

**Many of the trips, socials and other activities mentioned above will be subject to Covid-19 restrictions and may not be able to go ahead as usual. However, we're working as hard as we can to give you the best DofE experience possible within those restrictions! We're still offering all the training sessions and award help that we normally would, and we hope to run regular online events and maybe some socially distanced outdoor activities, depending on the guidance.**