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Day Hike

In the first few weeks of term 1 we will be offering the opportunity to "escape the bubble" to go for a day walk. This event is open to everyone, whether you have never been hillwalking before, or if you are an experienced mountaineer. Depending upon experiences, we intend to separate into a couple of groups to do walks of different difficulties.


Snowdonia Weekend

Towards the end of term 1 we will be going for a weekend away to North Wales, with a chance to ascend Snowdon (Wales' tallest mountain) [weather permitting]. There is the chance of some light snow, but we will be staying in a nice warm cozy bunkhouse. The aim is to leave campus around 6pm on Friday evening, stopping for fish & chips (or similar) on the way. Your friendly exec team will cook a group meal on the Saturday evening for everyone to enjoy. After a walk on the Sunday we plan to arrive back to campus for about 6/7pm. This trip is open to everyone, whether you have never done DofE or if you are a Post Gold member. More details will be added soon.



During Term 2 we will be delivering a series of 4x2h training sessions which will introduce you to the skills required for the following trips. This includes Emergency First Aid, Map and Compass Navigation, Camping Skills, Expedition Food, Emergency Procedures & Equipment. Training is compulsory if you want to do the practice or qualifying expedition.


Training Weekend

A chance to put your new skills into practice, and a chance to explore the Brecon Beacons, which are a good introduction to mountainous terrain. Leaving campus at around 6pm on Friday evening, we will stop for fish & chips on the way to the campsite. We will do walks on Saturday and Sunday to enable you to test out your navigation, hill skills and wear in your hikings boots. After cooking dinner on trangia camping stoves we will visit the pub in the evening for food and/or drinks. This trip is primarily aimed at people who will be completing the Gold Award expeditions with us, but we would really appreciate it if any post-golds would be able to share their experience - if there are spaces available, we will open up the remaining spaces to non-award-participants.


Practice & Qualifying Expeditions

You must do two expeditions, a Practice Expedition and a Qualifying Expedition which is monitored by an assessor.

A Gold Expedition consists of a four day and three night hike, covering about 80km. It's physically challenging but you don't have to be incredibly fit to do it! As long as you get a bit of practice walking in beforehand anyone will be fine. The expeditions are a great experience and really good fun! You are completely self sufficient for the four days, carrying all of your Food, Clothing, Tents etc. However, the campsites all typically have water supplys and showers! You walk in groups of between 4 and 7 people.

We organise both the practice and qualifying expeditions each Summer, the dates are below. We do all of the legwork and paperwork for you, so you just have to worry about your route and food!

If you don't have all the kit, we have a limited amount of equipment we can lend you free of charge - if any additional items are required we can hire them for you externally for a small fee. The expeditions are heavily subsidised, meaning they're about half the price of doing it with another provider!