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Warwick University Nursery awarded Green Flag Award!

Congratulations to University of Warwick Nursery, who have recently been awarded the Ecoschools Green Flag award, following a number of important sustainable changes throughout the Nursery!

Wed 03 Aug 2022, 15:37 | Tags: Teaching and Learning Wildlife Achievements

Leaving Warwick campus for wildlife this No Mow May!

Since the 1930’s, the UK has lost more than 7 million acres of flower-rich meadows and pastures. This month the Grounds Team will be taking part in LinkPlantlife's No Mow May, leaving areas of grassland to grow to provide vital nectar and shelter for our wildlife. Learn more about No Mow May and the important work that will take place!

Thu 05 May 2022, 11:34 | Tags: Get Involved Wildlife

Global Sustainable Development Competition

Each year, the Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Department runs a competition for year 11 and 12 students (students aged between 15 and 17 years). The competition is a great opportunity for students to think creatively and gain valuable research skills as they learn more about global sustainable development.

Fri 11 Feb 2022, 12:52

University of Warwick has been awarded the Bronze HFC award!

With Hedgehogs categorised by IUCN as vulnerable to extinction, and with the University covering 290 hectares of the land, it's crucial to make campus a place Hedgehogs can thrive. Read more about BHPS's important initiative, and our work on campus that achieved this award, as well as how to get involved!

Wed 02 Feb 2022, 10:10 | Tags: Get Involved Wildlife Achievements

Sustainable Labs Initiative

There’s still time to get involved and sign up for LEAF 2022!

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) is an initiative which provides a systematic approach to improving sustainability and efficiency in the laboratory. A tool like this is crucial, as a typical laboratory consumes much more energy per m2 than academic spaces.

Mon 31 Jan 2022, 15:59 | Tags: Get Involved Teaching and Learning

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