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Campus and study spaces

Campus and study spaces

Our campus is constantly transforming to provide the best possible learning facilities - from state-of-the-art hubs for group teaching and learning, to spots for quiet study and spaces for collaborative exploration.

Dr Rob O’Toole

“The students have amazing ideas and enthusiasm, and they have ambition to use what we’re introducing them to, to make the world a better place.”

Rob O’Toole talks us through the exciting new teaching and learning spaces available in the Faculty of Arts Building, taking us to the Mobile Design Studio and the Digital Arts and Humanities Lab. Rob discusses the innovation these educational spaces open up and the work taking place with our students here.

Dr Tom Ritchie and Adam Alcock

"We started to have some really interesting conversations around neurodiversity.”

Dr Tom Ritchie and Adam Alcock discusses how the Department of Chemistry created the ‘We are Chemistry’ programme that set out to re-build a community, in the wake of a global pandemic, as a student-led enterprise that led to innovative and inclusive initiatives.

Chris Wood

"It is an innovation, for sure.”

Chris Wood talks us through Warwick’s long-term commitment to state-of-the-art teaching spaces and the requirements to reconsider and innovate spaces for the student community, from a technological perspective, in the wake of a global pandemic.