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Exit questionnaire for mentors

Thank you for participating in Warwick’s e-Mentoring programme. It would be really helpful for us to know about how you found this experience by answering the following questions:
1. How would you rate each of the following statements of your mentoring experience?
3. In addition to e-mentoring scheme, did you use any other method of communication with your mentee? (Please tick all that apply) (required)
4. Did your exchanges cover any of the following areas? (required)
5. What would you say are the benefits of being a mentor? (Please tick all that apply) (required)
6. Please describe if there was a particular difficulties you encountered during your mentoring relationship and were these resolved by the end of the scheme? (Please tick all that apply) (required)
Are you going to participate in the scheme again in the future? (required)
Did you find this survey helpful?
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